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Here she is. I like to keep up with people who are amazing, and who read what I don't read. So far, this looks like anoth...
Look Behind You by Sibel Hodge (2017 Review)
Look Behind You by Sibel Hodge My rating: 2 of 5 stars Waking up and surrounded by an eerie darkness, Chloe Benson soon discovers she's trapped underground in what appears to ...
Look Behind You - Sibel Hodge
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Look Behind You - Sibel Hodge
Preta's Realm: The Haunting by J. Thorn
Preta's Realm: The Haunting by J. Thorn My rating: 2 of 5 stars When certain people in his life start disappearing, Drew Green struggles to keep his mind and family intact. So...
Preta's Realm: The Haunting - J. Thorn
Mrs Lorrimer is one of those women who play bridge at bridge clubs all day. Women like that must be made of armour-plating—th...
Pretentious and self-centered. Forget the book blurbs -- this actually isn't about the Lady Hyegyōng but about Margaret Drab...
My short story, "Threshold Dreams" is featured in Samie Sand's newest anthology, It's Behind You. Prepare for a scare with th...
I'm not very good at writing reviews at the moment - a bit of a slump, I guess. But I did finish Cards on the Table (featurin...
I'll try to wait until Wednesday to start in case can fit the Bookshelf BINGO call.
A very cool free gift exclusive to subscribers of Wes Britton’s upcoming newsletter is now available for everyone who signs u...
I enjoyed the first two of this series. Put off buying this one for quite some time because book description (and ending of ...
She opened the morning-room door, and Bob shot through like a suddenly projected cannon-ball. ‘Who is it? Where are they? Oh...
Still reading for my free space stamp for Bookshelf BINGO.
I think this is one of these rare finds ... a random kindle purchase that has been lingering on my shelf for 4 years and that...
Darkest Hours by Mike Thorn
Darkest Hours by Mike Thorn My rating: 3 of 5 stars With monsters that hunger for flesh, ghosts that lie in wait, and brutality at the hands of humanity - this collection cert...
Darkest Hours - Mike Thorn
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